Chériefou Berlin produces sustainable to facilitate the lifes of our future generations on this planet. For this reason we decided to stick to manufacture limited editions. All exclusive pieces are handcrafted and support local artisans. Unlike cotheres, there will only be one collection per year, to ensure our claim to sustainability. We believe that a conscious use of the resources of our planet and the creation of fair working conditions will enable better circumstances for our following generations. We hope that with our production process we can do our part in order to provide a better world. We believe it is time to counteract the issue of abundance, overproduction and over- cunsumption. As we identify as a brand that does not contribute to the mass oriented and capitalist part of the industry. The concept of a once a year collection, arised out of our rebellion against the abundance and the critical consumer behavior in this industry. It is a statement of a political conviction that we want to communicate and pass on.